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February 2nd, 2023


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Wagetap vs. MyPayNow

Earning enough to meet everyday demands can be challenging. Sometimes as bills keep piling up, a small advance can be the difference between making it to the next payday and falling short. Good thing there are pay-on-demand apps that can provide salary in advance. In this article, we will discuss Wagetap and MyPayNow. 

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Despite looking similar, they have fundamental differences. Both apps offer a cash advance product. However, one of the advantages of Wagetap is its ability to split your bills into four equal repayments that align with your payday. This makes it a more straightforward way to pay bills compared to MyPayNow. 

So what are the key aspects to consider when choosing a cash advance app?

Why Wagetap Is a Great Alternative to MyPayNow

Pay attention to how Wagetap might be your best choice and the perfect alternative to MyPayNow.

Similarities and Slight Differences



Wagetap and MyPayNow have different eligibility criteria, and you could be eligible for Wagetap but not for competitors. The eligibility covers elements such as minimum income, wages paid consistently, no dishonour fees or payment reversals on your account, and your recent expenses and repayment history meets eligibility assessments.

Speed of the Application and Funding

Regarding budgeting and prudent spending, it's very important that you'll be quick. Fortunately, MyPayNow and Wagetap are accessible 24/7 for your convenience. As per a user, the establishment of an account and the application for Wagetap ordinarily requires a mere three minutes, and claiming your funds is effortless and completed in less than a minute.

Credit Limit

One of the crucial things to consider when choosing a pay-on-demand app is their credit limit. Wagetap and other competitors calculate it differently. They look at the eligibility criteria above to decide how much you’re eligible for. 
MyPayNow and Wagetap have the same maximum loan of $2,000 as they factor in how much you earn.

Costs and Fees

Knowing the costs and fees behind cash advance apps is vital. Wagetap and MyPayNow have a 5% flat fee on the amount lent. That means if you get a cash advance of $100, the cost will be $5, and you’ll be required to repay $105 on your next payday.

Interest Rates

Unlike MyPayNow, Wagetap charges an interest fee of 24% per annum aside from the 5% flat rate. But because the amounts lent are small and the period for a typical loan is only the next payday, in practice, this fee works out to be approximately $0.50 for a $100 loan. It is just the right amount when you think about it.

Delay Repayments

If you require additional time to pay back your cash advance, both Wagetap and MyPayNow provide versatile repayment choices to aid you in managing your finances. Through the app, Wagetap allows you to delay your repayment until your next paycheck. 
However, if your next pay date isn’t suitable for you, you can contact the customer support team in your app or at to change your repayment to a date that suits you. 

Split Payment

Both Wagetap and MyPayNow allow you to split your repayments into smaller amounts to make them easier to handle. With Wagetap, you can do it right in the app.

Late Payment Fees

MyPayNow and Wagetap do not have late payment fees. It becomes a huge relief, especially for those who do not get their salary on time and those who accidentally miss a repayment. 
It’s best to repay the overdue amount quickly to ensure you can be eligible to use the wage advance product again and avoid debt collectors.

Online Service

You no longer need to physically visit a bank or other establishment to apply for certain services. Wagetap and MyPayNow are conveniently available through their online platforms.


Wagetap and MyPayNowy will not contact your employer. They do not need to be registered for you to qualify for the apps' services.

What Makes Wagetap Stand Out

Although Wagetap and MyPayNow share some similarities, some differences may make Wagetap a better option for you. 

In-App Customer Support

Wagetap offers the convenience of direct customer support chat within the app, unlike MyPayNow. You no longer have to wait for days to receive an email. With Wagetap, you can quickly get answers to your queries and assistance on your phone when you need it the most.

Make Bills More Manageable with Payment Plans

Wagetap is a superior choice to MyPayNow due to its unique bill split feature. You can divide your bill payments into three or four instalments with a bill split. 
To use this service, simply input the payment information of any BPAY bill into the Wagetap app. Wagetap will then immediately settle the bill on your behalf. You can subsequently repay Wagetap over the next three or four paydays.

Find Out Why Wagetap is a Great Alternative to MyPayNow

Explore Wagetap, and receive a cash advance today. You might qualify for up to $2,000 and receive immediate access to your funds. To assist with money management, divide your bills into smaller payments. Download Wagetap from the App Store or Google Play in just a few minutes.

For additional help, you can always download Wagetap. It is a leading wage advance and bill split app that allows you to access your pay early and help you handle life's unexpected expenses.

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For additional help in improving your spending habits, you can always download Wagetap. It is a leading wage advance and bill split app that allows you to access your pay early. Emergencies can always happen and Wagetap can help you handle life's unexpected expenses.

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