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In under 3 minutes you can use Wagetap to access your pay early

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Visit your app store and download Wagetap today. You can find our app on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Easily access your wages right from your phone.



Create your account

We just need a few details to verify you, it’s fast and easy. Once you’re set up you get access to our convenient features. It’s that simple.



Withdraw up to $2,000

Access your pay instantly for just a small fee. You don’t have to wait to access your wages. Just pay us back when your next payday comes around.


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Get Fast Access to Your Wage

My pay now? You betcha. Access your pay whenever you need it, for just a small fee when you pay us back. No hidden or late fees, we just want to make it easier for you to access your pay now. With your wages, you can pay for the things you need. Easily cover mid-month bills, get your groceries or use it toward anything else you might need.

It’s your money! Use it how you’d like. All you need to do is pay us back on your next payday to get access to early wage advances in the future. Waiting for your wage can be frustrating when you need money. With Wagetap, you can leave waiting behind!

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Bill Split, pay your bills today

Wagetap also provides Bill Split features to make paying bills easier. If you need a bit of help with an unexpected bill, our Bill Split feature has you covered. No hidden or late fees, we pay your bill and you repay us on your next payday.

Bill Split can cover up to $600 of your bill, so you don’t have to stress about missing a payment or paying late fees. We’ll cover your bill instantly and you can pay us back in three instalments if the payment is below $300 or four instalments if the payment is above $300. Bill repayment is always aligned with your payday, so you have money coming in to cover your repayments. You can combine our Bill Split with Wage Advance to give you even more breathing room!


Why you’ll love our Salary Advance App

Wagetap helps make money less stressful. When you’re short on money for bills or waiting for your wage to pay for groceries, it can be the worst feeling in the world. We want to help people take control of their finances once and for all.

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