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How it works

Once approved, it takes less than a minute for your money to get into your account.

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The easiest way to get the money you've earned ahead of payday. Get up to $500 of your pay as soon as you're approved with us. Once your actual payday arrives, you’ll get the rest of your paycheck without any fees to worry about! Also, if you don’t need the full $500, you can always choose the amount you’d like to get advanced to your account.

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Get paid instantly

No long wait times; we know you need your cash pronto. As soon as you've hit withdraw, we send you the cash direct to your bank account. There isn't a faster way to get your pay now. While there are other fast cash options out there, like payday loans, they don’t get approved as quickly. Also, these loans often come with high fees, and Wagetap simply provides you with the money you’ve already earned.

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Repay on your next pay day

We pride ourselves on being transparent and fair with our repayments. No late or hidden fees. Cash out today, and repay on your next pay day! Repayment doesn’t have to be a stressful situation with Wagetap. Get the money you need, pay your expenses, and pay us back with no worries.

Wage Advance

Wage Advance

How does wage advance work?faq dropdown arrow
It's simple, you cash out your pay early and repay on your next pay day. Just submit your request, and we’ll process it right away. Then, we’ll instantly send it to your account so you can pay your debts and expenses.
How often can I withdraw?faq dropdown arrow
You can withdraw once every pay cycle. For eg., if you are paid monthly, you will be able to withdraw once every month. Once you have successfully repaid your withdrawal on payday, you can start withdrawing again. The activity section of your app will show you details of your repayment date and status. If your payment situation changes, you can update it. This way you can get your wage advance when you need it most.
How much can I withdraw?faq dropdown arrow
You will be able to withdraw up to $500 based on your eligibility. If you’d like to withdraw less, you can easily do so. Just enter the amount and wait for the money to hit your account.
How much does it cost to make a withdrawal?faq dropdown arrow
Each transaction has a 5% withdrawal fee and an interest fee of 24% p.a. That means if you withdraw $100, your withdrawal fee will be $5. The processing fee depends on the size of the loan and when you repay your loan. This can vary but is typically between 40c to 90c. There are no hidden fees or late fees.
Can I get my funds instantly?faq dropdown arrow
Yes, you should receive your funds instantly. Most withdrawals take minutes to become available. In some rare circumstances, it may take up to 24 hours to hit your account. This is due to the configuration of the banking provider.
Why haven't I met the eligibility criteria?faq dropdown arrow
Before you can make a withdrawal with us, we check that you meet our eligibility criteria to ensure that we are lending responsibly. If you are not eligible this time, this could be for a few reasons.
Here are the most common reasons:
  1. You have not connected a transacting account that your wages are deposited into. (A transacting account is an account that allows direct debits. We need this so we can process repayments.)
  2. You don't meet the minimum income requirement ($800/month)
  3. Your wages are not paid by your employer's payroll (not as bank transfers).
  4. Your Centrelink payments make up more than 50% of you wages. (We also don't accept other government payments such as pension payments as wages)
  5. Your wages are not consistent, meaning you aren't consistently paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  6. You have too many gambling expenses on your account.
  7. You have too many dishonour fees on your account.
  8. You have too many payment reversals on your account.
  9. Your recent expenses and repayment history have not passed our eligibility criteria.
We run our eligibility criteria frequently and reassess your account's eligibility. This means, even if you have taken a loan with us previously, this does not guarantee you'll be able to make another loan with us and will be subject to passing our eligibility criteria.
I’ve made withdrawals before, why can’t I make another one?faq dropdown arrow
Even though you've made a withdrawal with us in the past, this doesn't guarantee you'll be able to make one in the future - this is dependent on meeting our eligibility criteria.
This can happen if there are changes to your circumstances. If you’ve made withdrawals before and you no longer can make sure to check our eligibility criteria. If you’re still running into issues, be sure to get in touch with our support team.
How can I become eligible?faq dropdown arrow
If you haven't met our eligibility criteria this time, you can definitely try after your next payday. Don't worry, we'll let you know when you're eligible. We recheck eligibility on a regular basis. If you have any questions about our eligibility criteria, feel free to reach out.

Am I Eligible?

See if you meet our lending criteria below

Who can access Wage Advance?

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    You have connected a transacting account that allows direct debits.

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    You have regular consistent wages, minimum of $800/month.

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    Your recent expenses and repayment history have passed our eligibility criteria.

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    Centrelink makes up less than 50% of your total wages.

See our full list of eligibility criteria here. Please note: our criteria are subject to change.

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