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Just 3 simple steps to have your bill paid.

Enter your bill details


Enter your bill details

You can easily connect your billing accounts with Wagetap. All we need is your BPAY details and bill amount. We cover most bills including electricity, gas or even your car registration. We know being short on cash can be tough when bills are coming due. You don’t have to worry when you have Wagetap making things more manageable.

We cover you instantly


We pay your bill instantly

Once you’ve submitted your bill split request, we’ve got you covered. We pay your bill immediately, so you don’t have to deal with late fees or other complications. It's fast and easy; we'll let you know immediately once we've sent payment to the provider.

You repay on your next paydays.


You repay on your next paydays

It's that simple, once we've paid your bill, you repay on your next few paydays. Except now your payments are much smaller. Big bill payments don’t have to be intimidating. Splitting them up always provides some breathing room so you can stick to your budget.

Bill Split

Bill Split

What type of bills can I split into payments?faq dropdown arrow
Bill split is primarily used to cover your household bills. With our bill split feature, you can cover your bills for electricity, gas, water, phone, TV, internet and council rates. Simply link the accounts that you want to use bill split with and we’ll cover your bill right away.
Will Wagetap cover the total cost of my bills?faq dropdown arrow
Wagetap only covers the full cost of bills. Currently, there are no options to make partial payments on one bill and cover other bills. If you’re eligible for $300 and you have a bill for $250, we will cover that bill fully. However, you won’t have $50 left over for other bills. Similarly, if you have a bill for $350 and you’re eligible for $300, you won’t be able to use the bill split for that bill.
Can I split my bills into 3 or 4 equal payments?faq dropdown arrow
Yes! However, there is no option to choose whether your bill will be split into 3 or 4 equal payments. The total of your bill determines the number of payments. Here is how we determine your payments:
• If your bill is less than $300, your bill will be split into 3 repayments.
• If your bill is more than $300, your bill will be split into 4 repayments.
Note: Minimum value of bills is $100
How do I get approved for Bill Split?faq dropdown arrow
Getting approved for bill split is the same process as getting approved for our other features. We will need to check to ensure you meet our eligibility requirements. If you’re not eligible at this time, we do recheck eligibility regularly, so you may be eligible in the future. Make sure to check our eligibility criteria in the eligibility section of our FAQ.
If I have more than one bill, how does that work?faq dropdown arrow
At this time, you can only split one bill for each billing cycle. If you pay off your current bill, you can use the bill split feature again. Also, you can use our bill split feature alongside our wage advance feature if you need to pay multiple bills.
Can I pay a friend or family member's bill with Bill Split?faq dropdown arrow
To utilise our bill split feature, you simply need to connect a billing account and make sure the bill's total is not greater than your eligibility limit. If you’d like to use bill split to pay for a friend or family member’s bill, you will need to have their account information to log in and connect our app to the account. Remember, you will be responsible for paying back any bills attached to your Wagetap account.
Does it cost to use Bill Split?faq dropdown arrow
Wagetap only charges a small 5% fee to utilise our bill split feature. The value of your bill determines your fee. If you use Wagetap to split a bill that costs $100, we will charge a $5 fee to process it. This fee is added to your first repayment. Also, there are no interest fees or late fees to worry about.
What happens if I can't make a payment?faq dropdown arrow
If you cannot make a payment, you can request to delay your repayment by one pay cycle. Simply follow these steps:
1. Click on 'Manage repayment'
2. Click 'Delay my repayment'
3. Click 'Slide to confirm'
Your repayment is now scheduled for your following payday. If you are still unable to pay, you may lose eligibility to utilise Wagetap’s features until your balance is paid.
How quickly does Bill Split work?faq dropdown arrow
Generally, bill split will cover your bill on the same day you make your request. However, you must submit your request before 3 p.m. Requests submitted after 3 p.m. will be paid on the next business day. Remember that it may take up to 3 business days for the transaction to be reflected in your biller’s account, depending on their processes.
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