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About us & our mission

As an all Australian company, we want to make it fairer and easier for Australians to access their pay on demand.


Why did we start?

We started Wagetap to help Australians access their pay and wages more transparently, at a competitive rate.

Our mission is to be the financially responsible partner of choice for all Australians.


Granting financial independence

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How we do it?

Unlike the big banks or pay-day lenders, we assess each application on a different set of criteria that gives you access to finance in a responsible and fair way.

By using Wagetap tech, we can help with your unexpected expenses when others can't. We wanted to make a better way to advance your wage, without the crazy fees.

We can help access pay early, up to $300. We can split your bills, up to $600.

our Destination

Where are we going?

Pay on demand should be a reality in Australia and we want to help make this happen. We want to change the way Australians get paid.

We release new features to help you with your finance are released often.

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