How to Manage Late Bill Payments and Prevent Them in the Future


February 26th, 2023


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Best Ways to Prevent Late Bill Payments

Missing bill payments is a hassle that no one wants to deal with. Not only does it impact your credit score and financial health, but it also takes up valuable time and energy.

Best Ways to Avoid Late Bill Payments

You can use simple strategies to ensure you pay all these crucial payments on time. Introducing changes in your lifestyle will help you quickly manage your finances and never worry about missing your obligations. Each piece of advice has the potential to provide relief in the long-term process of practising them.

1. Learn Your Billing Cycle

The first step in avoiding missed payments is learning your billing cycle. The billing cycle is the time between the moment you make a purchase and the moment you are billed for it. If you purchase on June 1, you will be billed for that purchase on July 1. Therefore, you will have 30 days to pay that bill before it becomes past due.
Whether the bill is a credit card or a utility bill, you must know when the bill is due. Not only does it help you stay on top of your finances, but it also eliminates the worry of forgetting a payment and incurring late fees. Remember that the first thing you should consider in budgeting your finances is being aware of your own behaviour so that you can properly evaluate the adjustments you need.

2. Evaluate Your Budget

Evaluate Your Budget
After learning your billing cycle, you should evaluate your monthly budget. First, you must ensure you are spending your money wisely. If you are spending too much, you can constantly adjust how much money you release regularly to help you find areas to cut back.
Focus on setting aside money to make all of your payments. Prioritise your rent, utilities, phone bill, and other monthly payments. If your budget cannot cover your expenses, you should look for ways to increase your income. Your options include finding a better-paying job, increasing your side hustle, or asking for a raise at your current workplace. Evaluating your obligations is crucial to understanding your spending pattern and making better decisions.

If you still don't have enough money for your bills, you can use a cash advance to cover the difference. Wagetap is a great option, as you can borrow up to $2,000 without hidden fees.

3. Remove Any Unnecessary Expenses

Remove Any Unnecessary Expenses
A considerable reminder about budgeting is being aware of your unnecessary expenses. It is best to check if you are always eating out, going on shopping sprees, or making unnecessary purchases. If you have many of these expenses, you can change your spending habits to make room for your priorities. The complete disregard for the things that make you happy is not what is suggested, but the sense of responsibility of having to pay for your obligations. Enjoy, but not at the expense of not prioritising them.
Consider cancelling your streaming services, switching to a cheaper mobile phone plan, or eating at home more often. Reducing your expenses will help you get your budget in order and ensure you have enough money to pay all your obligations.

4. Sign up for Auto Pay

After evaluating your budget and removing unnecessary expenses, you can also opt to use autopay to ensure you always make your payments on time. This will help you avoid incurring costly late fees. You can use autopay to set up a payment plan if you have a utility bill. With this, you can avoid getting disconnected from your utility provider.
A tip is to sign up for auto pay with your health insurance provider to ensure you have health insurance coverage.

5. Use Bill Reminder Software

Use Bill Reminder Software
You may find it challenging to remember when each bill is due if you have many monthly bills. Aside from using Auto Pay, bill reminder software can also help you stay on top of your payments. It can remind you when a bill is due and help you set up an automatic payment. Due to the numerous obligations and responsibilities you encounter and handle every day, having a tool that keeps you in check can be really helpful.

6. Pay Your Bills in Advance

If you have a large bill coming up soon, you can make sure you have the money to pay it by doing it in advance. If you are getting ready to make a large payment, such as a car or mortgage payment, this can be helpful. You can also use this strategy if you soon have a large utility or medical bill. You can set up an account at your bank to ensure you have the money when needed.
Paying off bills early can ease your worries and keep your mind at ease, as it eliminates the stress of thinking about them if you already have the means to fix them.

7. Split Your Bills into Payments

Split Your Bills into Payments
If you have a huge bill you can't pay in advance, you can split the bill into smaller payments. This can be particularly helpful if you have a large medical bill. By making smaller payments over a longer period, you can reduce the monthly amount you must pay. This can reduce your worries if you have a limited amount of extra money set aside to make the full payment. If you use this strategy, you should ask your medical provider if you will still be considered in good standing. This will help you avoid adding fees and keep your credit score intact.
Consider Wagetap’s bill split feature to easily split your bill payments into three or four repayments that align with your payday.

8. Rely on Fast Cash in Emergency Situations

If you have missed a payment and need more money to make it up, you can use a fast cash loan to make up the difference. This type of loan is designed to get you the money you need quickly and with little hassle. Your mind could be clouded in emergencies, which tend to overwhelm you. Having a fallback such as fast cash can provide fantastic relief.
However, you should pay the loan quickly so you don't have to add interest charges. This can help you avoid a negative mark on your credit report.

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