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How Our Payment Plans Work

Once you've got an account, just 3 simple steps to have your bill paid.

Enter your bill details


Enter your bill details

All we need is your BPAY details and bill amount. We cover most bills including electricity, gas or even your car registration.

We cover you instantly


We pay your bill instantly

It's fast and easy, we'll let you know immediately once we've sent payment to the provider

You repay on your next paydays.


You repay on your next paydays

It's that simple, once we've paid your bill, you repay on your next few paydays.

Bill Split

Bill Split

What is Bill Split?faq dropdown arrow
Bill Split is our newest feature! We cover your bill, and you repay in smaller installments aligned to your payday. It's that simple.
How does Bill Split work?faq dropdown arrow
You can Bill Split in 3 easy steps:
  1. 1. Add a bill within your eligibility limit
  2. 2. We cover your bill for you
  3. 3. You make smaller repayments aligned to your payday.
How much does it cost to Bill Split?faq dropdown arrow
5% that's it. For example: when you split a $100 bill, we will charge $5. This is added to your first repayment. There are no interest or late fees.
How much of my bill can I pay with Wagetap?faq dropdown arrow
Currently, we only allow full bill payments. For example, if you're eligible for bills up to $200, your total bill will need to be less than this amount. If your bill is $250, you won't be able to split this bill.
What affects my eligibility to use Bill Split?faq dropdown arrow
Before you can split a bill with us, we check that you meet our eligibility criteria to ensure that we are lending responsibly. If you are not eligible this time, this could be for a few reasons.
Here are the most common reasons:
  1. You have not connected a transacting account that your wages are deposited. (A transacting account is an account that allows direct debits. We need this so we can process repayments.)
  2. You don't meet the minimum income requirement ($800/month)
  3. Your wages are not paid by your employer's payroll (not as bank transfers).
  4. Centrelink makes up more than 50% of your wages. (We also don't accept other government payments such as pension payments as wages)
  5. Your wages are not consistent, meaning you aren't consistently paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  6. You have too many gambling expenses on your account.
  7. You have too many dishonour fees on your account.
  8. You have too many payment reversals on your account.
  9. Your recent expenses and repayment history have not passed our eligibility criteria.
We run our eligibility criteria frequently and reassess your account's eligibility. This means, even if you have taken a loan with us previously, this does not guarantee you'll be able to make another loan with us and will be subject to passing our eligibility criteria.
How long will it take for my bill to be paid?faq dropdown arrow
In most cases bills will be paid on the same day if you've submitted your bill before 4pm. If you've submitted after 3pm, your bill will be paid next business day.
Note: It may take up to 3 business days for this to be reflected on your billers account. This depends on your biller and their processes.
How many split repayments will I need to make?faq dropdown arrow
The number of split payments are determined by the value of your bill.
  1. If your bill is less than $300, your bill will be split into 3 repayments.
  2. If your bill is more than $300, your bill will be split into 4 repayments.
You currently cannot change the number of splits you are able to make and your bills will be auto split based on the rule above.
Note: Minimum value of bills are $100
Can I use Bill Split and Wage Advance at the same time?faq dropdown arrow
Yes, if you are eligible, you will be able to use our Wage Advance and Bill Split features at the same time.
Note: Please remember in this case, both will be due on your next payday.
How many bills can I split at a time?faq dropdown arrow
Only 1 bill can be split at a time. If your bill amount is less than what you are eligible for, the remaining amount on your bill will be unusable. You may try again once the current bill is paid.
Will I get a receipt for my bill payment?faq dropdown arrow
Yes! Once we have paid your bill for you, this will be reflected in your app and you will also be emailed.
Why did the bill payment get rejected?faq dropdown arrow
This can happen if you have not entered in the exact amount due to your biller. If this happens, please contact us immediately at Our team will refund any repayments that may have been made prior to receiving rejection advice from the biller.
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